Объектно-ориентированные базы данных - основные концепции

Объектно-ориентированные базы данных - основные концепции - стр. 29

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Database System Manifesto // 1st Int. Conf. Deductive and
Object-Oriented Databases, Kyoto, Japan, Dec. 4-6, 1989
9. The Committee for Advanced DBMS Function (Michael
Stonebraker, Bruce Lindsay, Jim Gray, Make Carey, David
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Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases // Data and Knowledge
Eng.- 5.- 1990.- 255-261
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Research Directions // IEEE Trans. Data and Knowledge Eng.- 2,
N 3.- 1990.- 327-341
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Object-Oriented Database System // 13th Int. Conf. Very Large
Data Bases, Brighton, England, Sept. 1-4, 1987.- 319-330
13. Won Kim, Nat Ballou, Hong-Tai Chou, Jorge F. Garza,
Darrell Woelk. Integrating an Object-Oriented Programming
System with a Database System // Proc. OOPCLA'88, San Diego,
Calif., USA, Sept. 25-30, 1988.- 142-152
14. Kyung-Chang Kim, Won Kim, Darrell Woelk. Acyclic Query
Processing in Object-Oriented Databases // Entity-Relationship
Approach: Bridge User: 7th Int. Conf., Rome, Nov. 16-18,
1988.- 329-346
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Nested Objects // IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Eng.- 1, N
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Processing in Distributed ORION // Advances in Database
Technology - EDBT'90.- Lecture Notes in Computer Science.-
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Architecture of the ORION Next-Generation Database System //
IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Eng.- 2, N 1.- 1990.- 109-124
18. D. H. Fishman. An Overview of the Iris Object-Oriented

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